Vintage Sommerso Faceted Vases

Vintage Sommerso Faceted Vases

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Flavio Poli for Mandruzatto faceted glass vases. Vintage, 1950’s; Murano, Italy. Blue vase measures approx. 7” high. Red vase measures approx. 8.5” high. Sommerso is a technique developed on the Italian island of Murano during the late 1930s. It became popular in the 1950s by Flavio Poli. It typically has two layers of glass formed by dipping a ‘gather’ of colored glass into another molten glass and then blowing the gather into the desired shape. The result is glass with contrasting colours commonly encased by a clear layer.

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AVVE NY (A curated collection of antique & vintage vessels) is a collection by Romayne Scott. Her mission is to source unique vintage vessels from around the world so that we may rediscover the beauty and value in existing pieces of craftsmanship which are waiting to be loved again.

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